We believe in the power of visuals to create engagement and clarity.


At the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference we have for 12 days been using this power of visuals to help WWF create clarity around what was happening at the conference and what a good deal and agreement would have looked like.

Great need for global clarity and creating shared pictures
which all parties can see themselves as being part of

WWF (and the negotiators) were in need of clear messaging and inspiring provoking and educating visuals which could help negotiators and the public in understanding what is at stake and what is a possible future agreement.

We were a group of 5 visual thinkers and practitioners who was present at the climate negotiations in Copenhagen (www.cop15.com) We were invited to join WWF international in their work in getting a fair deal. We were joined by a range of international visual practitioners. The results of this work can be found here in the blog.

For more information about using the illustration, see “using the illustration”